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There are 1000's of lenders out there and we use a process of elimination system with each project to filter down the lenders for your project in order to fit their criteria fully.

This is the same system used by the price comparison websites with residential mortgages, car insurance, personal loans etc. Our system simple cuts down on wasted time and applications not fitting lenders requirements.

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We simplify the whole loan application process and work with you to prepare and secure the financing you require.

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We simplify the whole loan application process and work with you to prepare and secure the financing you require.

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Knowing what investors need, we help you create the perfect development finance loan application.

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We make it simple by only requesting the necessary information to get decisions, fast.

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We will get offers for you from multiple sources. Simply select the one that suits you best.

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Funds released to develop the project.

The better the understanding and better the proposal - the quicker and more successful the application.

Your project and individual circumstances will suit one or more of different finance options available. The experience of our management team will match your requirements to the best loan option for you.

About us

Our management team have vast experience personally investing in multiple projects over the years in conjunction with developers to raise funding for solid projects. Having achieved a 100% success rate and liaising with many developers, it was obvious that change was needed to access funds for well thought out projects, away from traditional lending practices.

In the event of the Crowd Funding ‘Revolution’ and the ever-increasing Private Investment arena, it became clear that the the High Street lending organisations could be by-passed by matching the two requirements together; Jemski now has access to a panel of Private Property-Based Lenders who in turn are made of of multiple Investors wishing to supply funds to well structured projects. We also use institutional lenders and family offices and can offer joint ventures too.

Why work with us?

We will assist you in packaging your project and building a presentation that fits the requirements of investors, institutions and property funds. We will present the offering ensuring all fits into the criteria for lending. Our vast panel of lenders vary but cover most areas of Property Based Funding, including Residential (typically) Commercial, senior debt, bridging, mezzanine and joint ventures.

All investments into your project are made as one entity and a legal charge is held as part of the Title Deed and registered at the Land Registry (this is no different to any bank). All lending is interest only and paid back at the end of the term. Typical exists are the sale of the property or a refinance for the rental market.

Why we are different

In a nut shell we understand the other side from the lenders perspective, we know that lenders want a comprehensive understanding of the developments and people they are lending to; not all lenders are the same albeit have the same goals as you to achieve a successful and trouble free return on investment, This means the better the package and the better the understanding the smaller the risk> Our system guides you through the process and highlights the positives giving factual evidence to lenders. There is a lender or group of crowd funds out there that fit your needs perfectly and our system works with you to present your application in the correct way> This what happens through our easy to use system identifying exactly which requirements need presenting and therefore matching lending criteria. The system helps you with everything including your development CV and costings ensuring it is presented correctly. We can even offer you our 3rd party panel of professionals to help with planning and feasibility studies if need be.

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Our mission is to provide simple funding solutions for experienced property developers and builders

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