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High Fixed Returns of 10% - 18%
Investment Secured against Fixed Assets!

Enter the profitable world of UK Property Development without getting your hands dirty!

An 'Armchair' property investment gives everyone, simple, quick and risk-averse access to the highly profitable, property development market.

Current Property Development Opportunities - £10,000 to £1M

Quick, Simple & Unrivalled

Gain access to the profitable world of property development, the security of bricks and mortar but without getting your hands dirty.

Safe, Stable and Secured

Become an Armchair Investor alongside the UKs finest developers. Funding opportunities from £10,000- £1m with up to 18% returns on your money.

100% Positive Track Record

All investors have received back their principle funds plus agreed interest on time. *April 2019

Agreed, Fixed Investment Terms

Long, medium, short term, bi-annual, interest paid or pure growth with additional roll-on opportunities.


Find out how you can enjoy the benefits of property development from the comfort of your armchair.

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Quick, simple and secure, 'armchair' property development opportunities

Armchair Property development or Passive Property Investment is a fantastic opportunity for investors with time or skill gaps, to benefit from investment in property development, with added, asset-backed security.

High Returns - Low Risk

An 'armchair' property investment can generate some of the best returns currently available and at very low risk.

No Fees or Charges

Invest in select and highly researched opportunities to suit your investment requirements.

Asset-backed Security

Your investment is secured by a legal charge on the property development itself, minimising any risk.

'Armchair' Property Investment Opportunities

Our highly qualified development opportunities offer investors the best of both worlds; attractive fixed returns (up to 18%) with the peace of mind that comes from the security of bricks and mortar.

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