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Senior Debt

This is the most common form of borrowing. Where the developer either has equity in an existing property, land plot or placing a deposit down on a purchase. Typically lenders will lend up to 70% and in some cases with developments that have progressed to a certain level it is able to extend the parameters to achieve higher percentage loans know as "senior stretch debt".


Mezzanine finance provides a facility to reduce the level of equity required in a scheme. A typical mezzanine facility can work in conjunction with a senior debt facility from one of our preferred lenders.

Equity or Joint Ventures

For developers with a strong track record and with schemes demonstrating a significant margin there are opportunities for equity funding (sometimes also known as Joint Ventures).The basic structure of equity funding is based on a private investor/family office providing all of the equity required to fund a deal. One form of equity funding will still involve a senior debt lender with the balance of funding coming from the equity provider.In some instances the equity provider will provide the entire sum required to fund the deal. Jemski has a number of high net worth individuals, family offices and private equity funders who, for the right deal, are able to provide equity finance.

Bridging Loans

This form of funding is more commonly associated with short term emergency funding solutions . However, the speed and flexibility of bridging can often be utilised by developers to secure sites whether at auction or where speed of purchase is paramount.Some bridging lenders also offer interesting hybrid type facilities which allow developers to repay their existing senior debt (and mezzanine if applicable) funding once their development is complete and allows them a predetermined period in which to retain some (or all) of the units or otherwise sell them in the normal way.

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