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Traditional High Street banks

In most cases these are your typical banks found on every high street throughout the UK> the banks that majority of us use for everyday banking. Although they offer property development finance we will seldom use them as they are tend to be the first port of call for the majority of borrowers of every type of personal and business loan. Property Developers find them highly frustrating as the personal touch has been replaced with rigid banking practices and decisions are made often with very little flexibility and by computer algorithms. Although we would never suggest for you not to try them out we will hardly ever use them for your applications.

Property crowd funds

Perhaps the biggest change in development funding to hit the market ever. A real shake up in how developers can access funding. Fast, reliable and full of industry experts who can work in partnership with you and even give professional opinion and insight to success. In almost all cases owners of crowd property development platforms are from a back down of property development whether developers themselves or holding professional qualifications as surveyors, quantity surveyors or architects. The system is made easy for you and most will lend up to 70% on valuation and many 100% of development costs. They arrange smaller investors to invest into your project however as one entity in a very reliable way. It must be said however that many start ups have occurred and it is important to understand how much cash (investor funds) they have behind them. We work the top ones in the country with most of our applications. The platforms we introduce to developers have delivered 100% success rates to their investors. Crowd funding platforms will 99% of the time only work with Debt lending as opposed to Equity. Ideal for smaller developments (£50k to £3-4m),

Institutional lenders

The big players in development finance and ideal for large projects with multiple units up to £100m There is a select amount of different lenders available and all have different appetites for a multitude of different scenarios. Often these are organisations that many developers will never of heard of. The terms, lending criteria, geographical locations and experience in developing play a massive part on whether you will receive an offer or not. Building a great application through our system can help you access these at competitive rates. we use a number of specialist broker partners to access and build strong application packages.

Private investors and Ultra High net worth Individuals

Private investors or investment clubs look for profitable projects that can return them good interest on their money, there will work with experienced developers and builders in well thought out projects adding weight and experience. In some cases this can be in conjunction with another lender adding higher deposits LTV. Some private investors will look at securing units in a project for a heavy discount for supply funds to kick start a development.

Family Offices

There are many different types of family offices and for those that do not know the term the easiest way to explain is an investment company looking after huge wealth and funds on behalf of the mega wealthy, trust funds and charities. Often joint ventures can be arranged for developers and property owners with full funding.A split of the profits is usual with Investments being equity based and can include up front pay outs to land owners as well as a split of profits usual 50/50 on the exit of the development. This ideal if you require q big player partner to help deliver a complicated large development without the funds to maximise it.

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